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I am a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at UC Davis. My advisor is Prof. John Owens. My main research interests are 1) structure of parallelism and locality in irregular algorithms such as graph algorithms on GPU; 2) exascale computing and data analysis using Multi-GPUs. I also have broad interests on all kinds of GPU computing topics as well as computer graphics, vision, and machine learning topics. My current project on large-scale graph processing using the GPU is funded by DARPA's XDATA grant. In 2012, I did my summer internship at AMD Research on OpenCL rasterizer. In 2013 and 2014, I did my summer internship at DARPA XDATA Lab working on large-scale data analysis and graph processing.

Before coming to UC Davis, I received my B.E. degree in Computer Science and M.E. degree in Software Engineering both from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. During my Master years, I worked on several projects on water simulation, collision detection, and distributed rendering system.


Gunrock:Fastest graph processing library on the GPU. An early technique report can be found here. A draft of the paper describing Gunrock is on arxiv. The library is on github.

CUDA Depixelizer: A depixelization algorithm on GPU to vectorize a pixel art into a vector graph based on this paper. Source code can be found on github. Find more pictures here: Cloud, Dolphin, Dragon, and Mario with Yoshi! (Actualy, also some TMNT and Monty Python too)

Zhua: A forum crawler using Python Scrapy. My first practical Python project so far. Made with love for my lovely wife on her research topic which focuses on using data analysis and communication theory to help depressed patients. Source code can be found on github.

Recent Publications[^]

WTF, GPU! Computing Twitter’s who-to-follow on the GPU (pdf)
In Proceedings of the Second ACM Conference on Online Social Networks, COSN '14, October 2014
Afton Geil, Yangzihao Wang, and John D. Owens


High-Performance Graph Primitives on GPUs: Design and Implementation of Gunrock
GPU Technology Conference, 2014

slides | video

Selected Courses[^]


I keep a blog (mostly written in Chinese) here and I put some of my photos here. I play the guitar and make music using audiotool.

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Scientists discover the world that exists, engineers create the world that never was. -Tom Knight

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