TitleExtending MPI to Accelerators (Article)
inPACT 2011 Workshop Series: Architectures and Systems for Big Data
Author(s) Jeff A. Stuart, Pavan Balaji, John D. Owens
Keyword(s)GPU, MPI
Year October 2011
LocationGalveston Island, Texas
DateOctober 10-14, 2011
Abstract Current trends in computing and system architecture point towards a need for accelerators such as GPUs to have inherent communication capabilities. We review previous and current software libraries that provide pseudo-communication abilities through direct message passing. We show how these libraries are beneficial to the HPC community, but are not forward-thinking enough. We give motivation as to why MPI should be extended to support these accelerators, and provide a road map of achievable milestones to complete such an extension, some of which require advances in hardware and device drivers.