TitleFragment-Parallel Composite and Filter (Article)
inComputer Graphics Forum (Proceedings of EGSR 2010)
Author(s) Anjul Patney, Stanley Tzeng, John D. Owens
Editor(s) Jason Lawrence, Marc Stamminger
Keyword(s)Programmable Pipelines, GPU Computing, Fragments, Composite, Filter, Blend
Year June 2010
LocationSaarbruecken, Germany
DateJune 28-30, 2010
PublisherEurographics Association
Abstract We present a strategy for parallelizing the composite and filter operations suitable for an order-independent rendering pipeline implemented on a modern graphics processor. Conventionally, this task is parallelized across pixels/subpixels, but serialized along individual depth layers. However, our technique extends the domain of parallelization to individual fragments (samples), avoiding a serial dependence on the number of depth layers, which can be a constraint for scenes with high depth complexity. As a result, our technique scales with the number of fragments and can sustain a consistent and predictable throughput in scenes with both low and high depth complexity, including those with a high variability of depth complexity within a single frame. We demonstrate composite/filter performance in excess of 50M fragments/sec for scenes with more than 1500 semi-transparent layers.
Note Figure 3 shows the same diagram for both (a) and (b). Part (b) should instead be the parallel implementation. The updated Figure 3 (b) can be obtained here: http://idav.ucdavis.edu/~anjul/slides/Patney-FPC10-Fig3b.pdf